Bandwidth Management and access Gateways

Bandwidth Management and Access Gateway AG 5900 and AG 2500 image

Today’s guest network operators are facing an unprecedented demand on their networks. Multiple devices per user are taking up massive amounts of bandwidth, which necessitates the need to deploy bulletproof, scalable solutions to ensureyour guests get the internet experience they demand.

Recognized as the most reliable gateway on the market today, the Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) was designed with scalability in mind to accommodate medium- to large-sized venues — from hotels to airports to stadiums and convention centers. Because one size doesn’t fit all, Nomadix’s Internet gateways are designed to fit properties both large and small. Nomadix internet gateways range from AG 2400 — which supports the deployment of networks with up to 500 simultaneous mobile devices — to the AG 5900, which supports up to 8,000 simultaneous mobile devices. Multiple gateways can be clustered to support thousands of devices.

What Nomadix Guest Internet Access Gateways Do:

  • Creation of a guest network
  • Monetization and simple security for the guest network
  • Authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA)
  • Ensure maximum utilization of purchased bandwidth, optimized user experience and improved guest satisfaction
  • Enables quick identification and troubleshooting of guest devices on the network

Nomadix Appliance Specific Benefits:

  • Bandwidth management – maximized value of investment through granular control and utilization (by device, group and priority) of purchased bandwidth
  • Flexible captive portal options – comes with built-in portal or supports customization through XML APIs
  • Tiered billing – six billing plans tiered by time and bandwidth caps built-in, with unlimited options using external systems
  • Multi-WAN load balancing (user based) – auto or configurable
  • Network monetization – charge directly by credit card, PMS, or direct sales of authentication by RADIUS or XML

Why The Nomadix Access Gateway Is The Right Choice:

  • Multiple quality of service (QoS) policies per connected device
  • More impervious to network virus attacks and bulletproof to DarkHotel hacks due to proprietary local web server
  • Simple and fast to configure your visitor-based network
  • Offers a suite of APIs to enable cloud-based portals and reporting solutions
  • Lowest failure rates in the industry
  • Continuous enhancements ensure a future-proof solution
  • Flexible deployment capability allows you to offer the service the way you want, not the way the technology dictates