The Alloc8–X Series' Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology combines real-time monitoring, analytics, reporting and an intelligent recommendation engine to provide network operators with the visibility to pinpoint the sources of congestion and delays. By shifting the paradigm from capacity management to demand management, the Alloc8–X enables network operators to more efficiently use the bandwidth they are paying for over a longer period of time. And, with auto-generated, easy-to-read reports, the task of communicating network status and usage to both internal and external customers is a snap.

Not all DPI systems are alike …

The Alloc8 takes the guesswork out of managing traffic demand. Combining Nomadix's expertise in bandwidth management with network optimization technology, the Alloc8–X Series provides network managers and operators a solution for prioritizing critical applications and highly throughput-sensitive applications over others in real time.

They just work …

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Why Alloc8–X Series Application & Bandwidth Management Appliance is the right choice for your HSIA or VBN needs.

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Easily Identify and Control Bandwidth

Nomadix's Bandwidth Management and Access Gateway appliances allow end users to access the internet without making changes to their networks. "Set and Forget" functionality requires configuration only once during setup without administration oversight from then on.

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Monitor Network Activity

The Nomadix Alloc8–X Series provides deep insight into users, devices, applications and activities. Its library of purpose-built reports, powerful analytics and predictive recommendations, which automatically make suggestions to resolve network impairments and improve network performance, enable network teams to diagnose and resolve problems up to three-times faster. Purpose-built reports include WAN planning, application performance, network governance and critical IT projects. The health of the network can also be monitored in real time, providing insight into how strategic applications are performing and the amount of bandwidth being consumed across the network.

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Ensure Reliable Application Performance

With the Nomadix Alloc8–X Series in place, applications perform as promised every time. Studies have shown that with the reliable, high-performance Nomadix Alloc8–X Series, user complaints typically drop by 75 percent or more. And, with the power to accelerate, shape and cache application traffic in a single solution, network operators can now guarantee that their most important applications will always perform at their best.

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Analyze and Inspect Traffic

This new technology, Nomadix's Alloc8–X Series, allows IT staff to analyze and inspect application traffic at Layer 7 to troubleshoot issues when they arise. Interactive data modeling capabilities provide a better understanding of the health of the network. Intuitive dashboards help operators visualize network activities for all users, applications, devices and locations.

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Bandwidth control per application

Alloc8–X Series Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology combines real-time monitoring, analytics, reports and an intelligent recommendation so network operators are able to pinpoint the source of network congestion and delays to manage demand, not just capacity.

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Zero-Risk Guarantee

Once you put Alloc8–X in your network, you won't want to take it out. In fact, we are so confident, that we are offering a Zero‑Risk Guarantee*. If you are interested in our Zero‑Risk Guarantee offer, please complete our "Ask Our Experts" form above or call sales at 818 575 2480.

*Refund limited to purchase value only. Freight, taxes, duties and return freight charges are not included.

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Alloc8–X Series

Available in three different models, X4000, X8000 and X10000, the Alloc8–X Series is suitable for both large and small venues and offers you the flexibility to choose the option best suited for your for your data needs — from 100 MB to 10 GB of shaping throughput.

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How to buy

Contact one of our expert regional managers or valued partners to learn more about our intelligent network devices.