Whether your business is a multi-dwelling unit (MDU), hotel, restaurant, sports arena, transportation hub or the like, operators are facing unprecedented demand on bandwidth. With many users carrying multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices and expecting internet access for each one, it becomes crucial to manage bandwidth properly.

Bandwidth management allows you to control the amount of bandwidth available to your patrons. Used correctly, bandwidth management ensures that each user receives a fair share of bandwidth. The need to balance bandwidth usage can often cause network managers to resort to adding bandwidth, accelerating network traffic or cutting off access to applications – but these approaches are short term in nature, not cost effective and can actually contribute to network congestion.

How Nomadix can help

Nomadix products enable you to better manage and control bandwidth. Nomadix Access Gateways provide the on-ramp to service visitors, while our Application Management Appliances provide the means to control application bandwidth by allowing IT managers to review traffic patterns and content usage for intelligent management and allocation. The combination of the two appliances ensures fair and fast bandwidth for public access to keep internet traffic flowing, stretch the value of their investments farther resulting in an improved user experience.

Nomadix appliances continue to provide efficient and evolving technologies to its customers for traffic prioritization and management. These technologies are always one step ahead of market needs and enable operators to:

  • Enhance bandwidth in a modular and cost-effective way.
  • Monetize from demanding users while providing consistent experience to visitors with regular usage pattern.
  • Maximize the potential of existing bandwidth subscription(s).

Nomadix solutions

The variety of bandwidth management tools provided by Nomadix enables network operators and system integrators to maximize their ROI from available internet bandwidth capacity. This means that internet bandwidth circuits do not need to be upgraded as frequently, even as the perceived demand for bandwidth continues to grow.

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