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Education has specialized needs for public Internet access. Academic campuses demand high levels of connectivity for public access and internal networks, thereby requiring stringent control and management capabilities for usage and bandwidth.

Both wired and wireless Internet connections are expected by students, faculty and visitors institution-wide, in buildings such as labs, libraries, and residence halls. Providing public access to a broad range of stakeholders can easily be turned into a steady revenue stream.

Key Features for Education

  • Guest Network internet solutions for Education buttonGuest Network Separation from Education network

    Nomadix gateways create a network specifically for guests to allow for individual-user device management and authentication. This ensures network devices are not duplicated.

    Captive Portal internet solutions for Education buttonCaptive Portal

    Nomadix allows you to utilize one of two captive portals—built into the unit or via the flexible external server that sends commands back utilizing the Nomadix XML API. You may customize what your guests see before they gain access to the Internet.

    Gateway Authentication internet solutions for Education buttonGateway Authentication

    You may authenticate your Nomadix access gateway differently depending on your desired outcome. By using a radius or our built-in group codes, you can allow multiple devices to log in with the same credentials. This works the best for vendor groups or guests who come from the same company.

    BYOD internet solutions for Education buttonBYOD Support for Multiple User Types

    Education venues must wirelessly support students, teachers, administrators, parents and other visitors without allowing all of them to access the same parts of the network. The Nomadix access gateway makes it possible for you to control the permissions for each group individually.

    Bandwidth Management internet solutions for Education buttonBandwidth Management

    Bandwidth at academic institutions must be controlled based on how much can be accessed at one time on a specific network. The Nomadix access gateway places a limit on each device to ensure all guests receive an equal amount of bandwidth.

    T&C's internet solutions for Education buttonTerms and Conditions

    Nomadix’s ability to enforce a terms-and-conditions acceptance allows academic institutions to inform their HSIA users of the allowed access rules, making them more easily enforceable.

    Home-Page Redirect internet solutions for Education buttonHome-Page Redirect

    The network’s home page is made up of information about the institution providing the HSIA. This usually includes basic facts, upcoming events or other promotional messaging.

    Plug and Play internet solutions for Education buttonPlug and Play

    Nomadix manages the MAC addresses of each unique device to handle plug-and-play functionality, which supports any IPv4-configured appliances.

    Walled Garden internet solutions for Education buttonWalled Garden

    With the support of a walled garden, the academic institution can enable specific sites that any user can access without going through the authentication process, which allows for promotional opportunities.

    Reliable internet solutions for Education buttonReliability

    The Nomadix access gateway uses our own trusted patented software and functionality instead of open-source patches from third- or fourth-party entities. This means reliability is built in from the start, utilizing a real-time OS to allow for direct development of the gateway by Nomadix.

    Analytics internet solutions for Education buttonReporting and Logging Analytics

    Deploying NITP allows you to take control of Web usage to secure your network, no matter what devices are used.