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Western Australia’s Largest Convention Center Upgrades Internet Infrastructure with Innovative Solution from McLaren and Nomadix

Founded in 2004, Perth Convention Exhibition Centre (PCEC) is Western Australia’s only purposebuilt convention, exhibition and meeting venue. With more than 170,000 square feet of exhibition space, a 2,500-seat auditorium, specialist meeting rooms and a grand ballroom, PCEC caters to major conventions and exhibitions — hosting more than 500,000 patrons at over 600 events each year. The management team is comprised of more than 500 employees who are responsible for delivering services from venue management, catering and administration to facilities maintenance, cleaning and security.


PCEC’s existing internet infrastructure consisted of an end-of-life product that only provided basic internet access through wired ports and limited Wi-Fi signals — a setup that was unable to cope with PCEC’s increasing bandwidth demands. Due to the limitations of this existing infrastructure, the PCEC staff’s time was frequently consumed by allocating internet access to conference guests, preventing them from focusing on other duties. Beyond reducing staff involvement in the internet access process, PCEC sought to provide event organizers with sophisticated analytics regarding the internet usage of delegates within the center.


  • PCEC enlisted the help of McLaren Technologies, a well-known Asia-Pacific information technology (IT) solutions specialist, to package, integrate and install a new IT and Wi-Fi infrastructure. The transition to the new solution needed to be seamless and swift to avoid creating downtime for currently scheduled conference participants.
  • McLaren provided its fluide portal high-speed internet access (HSIA) platform paired with two Nomadix AG 5900 Internet access bandwidth management gateways. The solution also offered a number of modules and portals to accommodate the need for reliable HSIA.
  • Notable features of the solution:
    • Nomadix’s unique AG 5900 class-based queuing capability makes it possible to define multiple groups (classes) of users, enabling PCEC to prioritize groups and guarantee minimum bandwidth on a per-group basis.
    • Conference management and dedicated bandwidth management components integrate with PCEC’s back-end systems to allow PCEC to allocate different internet access plans to conference attendees based on location or type of participant. The dedicated bandwidth component enables PCEC use class-based queuing to designate preferred bandwidth to certain classes of users, guaranteeing they will receive the exact speed promised to them.
    • Forward purchasing allows users to purchase internet access for future use, choosing from select parameters such as connection speed, number of days, number of devices, etc. After using a credit card to make their purchase, the user receives a custom activation code valid for up to six months.
    • In connection with the conference management module, McLaren designed a custom integration with PCEC’s back-end telecom expense management system — Australia’s leading platform, CAAB. This integration allows for the creation of hourly transaction and usage data for automated invoicing of corporate clients.
    • Free internet access via Facebook is available for ease of use.


Improved Guest Experience:
Prior to the implementation of the Nomadix gateway, PCEC was unable to offer reliable internet access to conference guests and staff members of the convention center. Now, PCEC has unprecedented levels of visibility into their visitors’ internet usage. This has led to a better overall guest experience, even during peak times of use, as well as the ability to maximize revenue.

The dedicated bandwidth management feature has enabled PCEC to guarantee performance through the Nomadix AG 5900’s ability to maintain increased bandwidth for high-throughput applications, such as video conferencing.

Ongoing Benefits:
The implementation of the Nomadix solution has paved the way for improved internet experiences and enhanced guest satisfaction. With the AG 5900 gateway in place, the conference management module and integration with the CAAB platform have streamlined processes and increased staff efficiency across the conference-booking department. In addition, forward purchasing has eliminated the dependency on staff to create and manage pre-purchased profiles. The single-page login process for all users has also eliminated the need for staff to get involved with the internet onboarding process, and employees are now free to attend to the needs of their visitors.

Additionally, the fluide portal has enabled PCEC to easily create new locations, guest plans and conference portals through a user interface that is easy to use.

About McLaren Technologies

The McLaren Group, headquartered out of Singapore and Sydney, Australia, is one of the Asia-Pacific’s leading providers of cloud based technology solutions for hotels, resorts and visitor-based environments. Delivering a range of “best of breed” products, solutions and services from the world’s foremost providers of hospitality technology, McLaren is the leader in delivering 100 percent customer satisfaction, application usage and system operability.

McLaren has an in-house team of software specialists and web and mobile developers with broad experience in the hospitality sector, with key areas of expertise being HSIA solutions (fluide) and hospitality APIs. McLaren developed software is currently in use with all major hospitality brands and a wide range of verticals, including health care, local government and transport.

McLaren’s unparalleled experience and expertise in project delivery and support for technology-related products, in addition to services across the hospitality industry and related verticals — ensures superior client support and service throughout the entire customer experience. McLaren’s customers span the world’s leading hotel companies including the InterContinental Hotels Group, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Hilton Worldwide, AccorHotels, Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts, Melco Crown, MGM, Four Seasons, The Peninsula Hotels, Sands Hotels and Hyatt Hotels and Resorts. Providing support across the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, the McLaren support team features a highly skilled team of engineers and product specialists. For more information about McLaren, contact or visit