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Nomadix Internet Access Gateways Provide 100-Percent Connectivity at Five-Star Royal Rose Hotel in Abu Dhabi

The Royal Rose is a five-star hotel located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. With 355 guest rooms and suites, the hotel’s exterior gives the impression of a 17th century French palace while the interiors exude an equally opulent appearance consisting of gold-leaf designs, ornate chandeliers and luxurious furnishings. The hotel offers a variety of meeting rooms and ballrooms for parties or corporate events along with a business center, spa and beyond.


The Royal Rose sought a solution for obstacles relating to technology spurred by globalization — namely an increased need for connectivity for tourists, local guests and business visitors alike. Whether accessing the Internet for everyday reasons, like staying up to date on social media or checking emails, or for business purposes during meetings and/or conferences, guests in today’s market demand reliable connectivity. Recognizing this, the hotel sought to enhance their existing system with improved technology.


To obtain a Wi-Fi solution that met the hotel’s budget and its need for providing reliable Internet access in every corner of the hotel — from each and every hotel room to public spaces including the lobby, coffee shop and meetings rooms — without disturbing the hotel’s already busy network, the Royal Rose turned to The Network Guide (TNG), a system integrator and value-added distributor headquartered in Dubai. TNG paired the Nomadix AG5800 — an Internet access gateway capable of supporting up to 3,000 simultaneous devices — with a wireless local area network (WLAN) controller and access points by ZyXEL. The combination provided the Royal Rose with excellent wireless coverage throughout the entire property along with the ability to manage the network through a graphical user interface (GUI) and bandwidth throttling and billing capabilities for premium Internet service — all at a minimal cost.


Improved Guest Experience:
Prior to the implementation of the Nomadix gateway, the Royal Rose was unable to offer reliable Internet access in many areas of the hotel. Now, the Wi-Fi network is configured so that guests can access the Internet wherever they are located on the hotel property, and the AG 5800’s ability to maintain its performance and throughput, even when more features are enabled or the load is increased, ensures that guests consistently achieve a reliable, fast connection.

Ongoing Benefits:
The implementation of the Nomadix solution has paved the way for improved Internet experiences and enhanced guest satisfaction. In addition to this, with the AG 5800 gateway in place, network operators are able to better conserve bandwidth, which allows them to extend the useful life of their existing level of connectivity and slow the pace of investments in bandwidth upgrades. Hoteliers are also able to manage bandwidth more effectively and can set policies by class of user, group, subscribers per device, or by a combination of all four. Plus, the weighted-fair queuing (WFQ) feature ensures that customers who pay more for better service actually receive better service, even when network capacity is under pressure.

Additionally, allowing guests to pay for premium service creates an added source of income for the hotel.