Nomadix offers a range of software modules for all of its Gateway.

Access Gateway Modules

Nomadix offers a range of hardware and software modules for all of the Access Gateway models.

Load Balancing Module

Available for the AG 2400, AG 5600, AG 5800 and AG 5900 Access Gateways.

Available documentation:


High Availability Failover Module Option

The High-Availability Failover Module pairs two Nomadix Access Gateways, providing a backup to pick up users if one gateway is disconnected from the network. The settings (except IP addresses) between the two access gateways synchronize automatically to enhance functionality.

Learn more by reading our High Availability Fail Over Policy.

Hospitality Software Module Option

Nomadix offers a wide range of property management system (PMS) interfaces to allow for reliable, in-room guest billing for high-speed Internet access (HSIA) service. This module includes a two-way PMS interface for billing in Wi-Fi-enabled networks and uses “bill mirror” functionality, allowing records to be easily posted to multiple sources. The Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) also supports billing over a TCP/IP connection to select PMS interfaces.

Learn more by reading our Hospitality PMS Module Datasheet .