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When people are away from home or work, they still expect to be able to connect to the hotel Internet, where ever they are. With the prevalence of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement, people carry appliances that have the ability to connect to Wi-Fi where it’s available. Therefore, people tend to gravitate toward establishments that offer network access rather than ones that do not.

With high demands for guest Internet access in virtually every stadium, hotel or café, Nomadix is dedicated to researching, streamlining and updating seamless solutions for business owners and their guests.

With a range of usage and payment options, guests and owners will both benefit from Nomadix’s high-speed Internet access (HSIA) capabilities. Providers have full control of guest and internal network access via Nomadix’s monitoring, limiting and filtering abilities. Users can pay for the exact level of secure access they need, and owners can decide what and how to charge for the service in order to supplement their business’ revenue with network access proceeds.

How a Access Gateway works in a Hospitality environment

internet solutions with access gateways for hospitality banner

Key Features for Hospitality

    Guest Network internet solutions for Hospitality buttonGuest Network with Authentication for ROI

    Nomadix gateways create a guest network that allows for individual-user device management and authentication. The acquired revenue from paid access can cover the costs of future upgrades as Internet consumption continues to grow and evolve.

    Captive Portal internet solutions for Hospitality buttonCaptive Portal

    Nomadix allows you to utilize one of two captive portals—built into the unit or via the flexible external server that sends commands back utilizing the Nomadix XML API. You may customize what your guests see before they gain access to the Internet.

    Tiered Pricing internet solutions for Hospitality buttonTiered Pricing

    The venue/operator may offer free basic (limited) access, and charge for longer time periods and larger amounts of bandwidth used.

    PMS internet solutions for Hospitality buttonMajority of Property Management Servers Supported

    With a direct connection into almost all major PMS systems, the Nomadix gateway can validate users who check into a network at a hotel, and automatically add the Internet fee to the appropriate hotel bill folio.

    Self Provisioning internet solutions for Hospitality buttonSelf Provisioning

    With end-users self-provisioning their network access via a PMS or credit card system, Nomadix helps to alleviate the need for a large, on-site IT staff.

    Multiple Authentication Types internet solutions for Hospitality buttonMultiple Authentication Types (Radius/Credit Card/Property Management/Local Database)

    Whether guests only desire to connect a single device (for individual usage) or several (for conventions or group meetings) to the network with a specific set of login credentials, Nomadix has an array of authentication methods to meet your needs.

    BYOD internet solutions for Hospitality buttonBYOD Connectivity Capabilities

    Nomadix stays ahead of guest-network updates with a range of continuously upgraded BYOD capabilities through our access gateways. Traffic management, plug and play, and user self-login via credit card or voucher helps obtain a higher ROI and lower IT requirements for smaller venues.

    Bandwidth and User Management internet solutions for Hospitality buttonBandwidth and User Management

    Bandwidth in large-scale networks (i.e., stadiums) must be controlled based on how much can be accessed at one time. The Nomadix access gateway places a limit on each device to ensure all guests receive an equal amount of bandwidth.

    Home-Page Redirection  internet solutions for Hospitality buttonPost Authentication Home-Page Redirection

    When a user first logs in and after a set time has elapsed, guests can be redirected to the establishment’s home page for basic facts, upcoming events or other promotional messaging about the HSIA network provider.

    Plug and Play internet solutions for Hospitality buttonPlug and Play

    As an edge network device, Nomadix manages the MAC addresses of each unique device to handle plug-and-play functionality, which supports any IPv4-configured appliances.

    Walled-Garden Support  internet solutions for Hospitality buttonWalled-Garden Support

    With the support of a walled garden, the provider can enable specific sites that any user can access without going through the authentication process, which allows for establishment promotional opportunities.

    Intelligent NAT internet solutions for Hospitality buttonIntelligent Network Address Translation

    Functionality and patented software are inherent in Nomadix gateways, enabling us to utilize a pool of public addresses and dynamically assign them as needed for IPSEC/VPN customer connections.

    Activity Reporting internet solutions for Hospitality buttonNetwork Activity Reporting

    The Nomadix Internet Traffic Optimizer (NITO) can generate detailed, easy-to-read network activity reports whenever a question arises involving bandwidth usage. For example, reports can reveal when to throttle a particular category of traffic if that traffic type consumes too much of the available bandwidth. This serves to keep management informed about where the bandwidth and traffic they pay their ISP for is going.

    Content Management internet solutions for Hospitality buttonCategory-Based Content Management

    Utilizing Nomadix’s groundbreaking real-time content filtering, NITO can limit access based on website content type (example: known copyrighted material). The provider can create and manage the categories for access limitation, such as inappropriate or illegal content, anonymous proxy usage, and malware—going the extra mile for Web safety.

    Bandwidth Shaping internet solutions for Hospitality buttonCategory-Based Bandwidth Shaping

    In addition to content-based categories, NITO can also limit bandwidth access to background services (performing updates). This allocates more of the available bandwidth to users who need it for other things (streaming media). The provider will manually create and manage categories based on unnecessary bandwidth usage instead of blocking specific types of traffic.

    Tiered Content internet solutions for Hospitality buttonTiered Content

    The Nomadix access gateway can block specific content based on user with NITO, as well. This way, users can pay per level, or tier, of access beyond the normal bandwidth allotment. Guest satisfaction on the lower tiers will increase because there won’t be any unplanned interruptions in service, and provider satisfaction will increased because of the additional revenue.

    Firewall internet solutions for Hospitality buttonFirewall

    With a full-featured firewall, NITO can handle site security by limiting network access, as well as detecting and preventing intrusions. The firewall also protects provider equipment and user information.

    Employee Quota internet solutions for Hospitality buttonCategory-Based Employee Quota

    In addition to monitoring guest usage, NITO can also place quotas on specific website categories venue employees visit (i.e., social media) to limit distractions while working.

    Active Directory Integration internet solutions for Hospitality buttonActive Directory Integration for Employees

    To manage associate and employee network traffic, NITO can access and monitor each user’s credentials by linking to an active directory database. This way, each user’s online behavior is individually visible to employers, making it easier for them to discourage inappropriate usage at the source.