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Latest Access Gateway Improvements

Nomadix is continually enhancing its Internet Access Gateways with new software for added flexibility and management. Our newest features are listed below:


    nomadix facebook authentication buttonFacebook Authentication
    Authenticate users with their Facebook credentials for free with a time and bandwidth limit that would allow you to gather information from their Facebook account based on the Application created and used for the authentication.


    bandwidth management buttonClass-based Queuing
    The provisioning system provides priority-based tiered bandwidth management capabilities that allow IT administrators to allocate bandwidth by priority, location or class, such as guest loyalty. This enables hotels and other entities to meet contractual bandwidth obligations with their conference attendees, while still allowing bandwidth to migrate as needed from higher classes to lower classes then back to higher classes as priority traffic increases. Simply put: guests seeking free Internet access are not impacted by high-priority conferences.

    access gateway clustering buttonNSE Clustering Phase 1.0
    In the recent past, it was necessary to segment the network to serve subscribers that exceed the user count on a Nomadix gateway. Now with clustering all subscribers can be on the same segment distributed across multiple gateways. The task of serving a large number of subscribers can be distributed to as many as 250 gateways thus providing a design capacity of 1 million subscribers being served. Note this first phase offering does not support a Gateway failover feature at this time.

    bandwidth management queueing buttonWeighted Fair Queueing
    When the Network Pipe is Saturated users will still get access to bandwidth proportional to their Bandwidth caps. This guarantees that even when there is lack of bandwidth those users that should get more will get more. Ex. If a Person(A) Paid for 4mb cap and another Person(B) is using a free plan of 2mb but there is only 3mb available then Person(A) would still get access to 2mb and Person(B) would only have access to 1mb.


    access gateway dhcp leases buttonDHCP leases increased to 10,000 addresses and number of scopes increased to 200
    BYOD demand continues at a furious pace. This allows for a larger limit on the DHCP configuration so there should be no reason to run out of addresses for a particular site.

    access gateway dhcp update buttonDHCP updates
    Now fully configurable without the requirement of a reboot and can now be enabled or disabled for specific VLANs.

    access gateway new dhcp improvements buttonSubscriber DHCP Phase II Improvements
    The new ability to enable and disable DHCP pools without rebooting. Additionally there is an updated summary table of existing DHCP pools. The DHCP lease page is designed to display all current DHCP leases on the NSE. One can easily see the IP address, MAC address, lease status, and lease time remaining. Lease aggregate total is now 25,000.


    access gateway user interface buttonChanges to UI pages
  • AAA has a new Tabbed look and configuration with expandable sub-menus
  • Subscriber DHCP pages have been re-vamped
  • “List by …” pages have been combined into ‘List Profiles'

  • access gateway ARP for failover buttonGratuitous Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) for Failover
    Support and allows networks to continue processing traffic in the event of a system failover.

    access gateway group account expiration buttonGroup account Expiration Time
    Automatically expire a Group account at a specific time and Date. Removes the manual requirement to delete a Group account on the Nomadix.

    access gateway http redirection buttonHTTP redirection
    Now includes the user IP parameter to ease development of customized guest portals.


    access gateway pms buttonMarriott PMS not posting for Cash only and Signature Charge
    Now with ease one can better accommodate the cash paying internet user, without creating a problem that is escalated to the front desk by allowing a Cash only guest to post a Charge for Internet usage.

    access gateway metaphone 3 buttonMetaphone 3 Support
    This feature will correct the miss pronunciation and high-speed well-intentioned miss keying of a person’s last name during the registration/authentication process for the internet. By using a Phonetic match to the Name instead of character by character it allows a better chance of correctly identifying a guest name regardless of the input method in the PMS.

    access gateway close to PMS buttonMicros Opera (FIAS) over TCP/IP
    This eliminates the need for a serial cable to connect the Nomadix to a PMS server. Now there is no need to keep the Nomadix Gateway in close proximity to the PMS server, allowing for a more flexible installation of the hardware at the site.

    PMS redirector buttonPMS Redirector over TCP/IP
    Support for PMS Redirector to a PMS server through TCP/IP no longer restricted to a Serial connection to the Server.

    NP flag on Micros Opera buttonSupport for No Post (NP) Flag on Micros Opera
    Now users with the NP flag will not be able to obtain access to the internet using a Paid plan.

Port / VLAN

    access gateway port communication buttonSubscriber Intra Port Communications
    This will enable a shared environment to exist on a configured VLAN to allow guest room personal networks or support for devices such as a printer or projector used in conference room presentations. It provides true local flexibility to share a dedicated in room VLAN. This feature adds to the Port Location table to identify if Intra-Port Communication has been enabled for a particular VLAN.

    zone migration buttonZone Migration will now trigger a MAC authentication request
    Subscribers that revert to pending due to a Zone Migration will now trigger the MAC Authentication. This enhances the Zone Migration feature to allow MAC auth users to freely move from one Zone to another without requiring user intervention to re-login.


    access gateway re-authentication buttonAutomatic re-authentication limited to Zone
    Radius Automatic Re-authentication can now be limited to the Original Zone. Can be configured to allow or disallow automatically logging in the user as they move through the different Zones at the Site.

    total bytes through Radius buttonTotal Bytes VSA added
    Now support for Total bytes is available through a Radius Vendor Specific Attribute and not just the Upstream or Downstream bytes.

WAN Networking

    Destination-based WAN buttonDestination-based WAN selection
    Allows routing traffic through a specific ISP that may be favorable and/or required for certain communications such as to lower costs, provide higher bandwidth or meet regional requirements.

    access gateway multi-wan failover buttonMulti-WAN Failover
    The Nomadix Gateway can be set to Failover mode only. In this configuration, a backup network connection can be available, but only utilized if the primary connection goes down. This allows for greater reliability of the network and keeps the users online when a network outage occurs. More money can be saved by using a lower cost circuit for the backup line.

    access gateway load balancing buttonMulti-WAN Load Balancing
    Now you can configure multiple WAN interfaces and benefit from Subscriber Load Balancing between them, internal on the Nomadix device. This allows customers to aggregate their ISP connections with the Nomadix gateway, eliminating the need to purchase a second device to make those connections. Besides saving money on the capital expense of buying a separate server and on maintaining a separate support plan, network reliability is increased by removing an additional point of failure.