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Internet Traffic Optimizer

The Nomadix Internet Traffic Optimizer (NITO) is a powerful, high-speed, cost-effective appliance designed to maximize the use of existing bandwidth and service more users with higher network demands.

NITO enables IT managers to review traffic patterns and content usage to provide them with data insights to more efficiently allocate bandwidth and throttle traffic accordingly.

NITO’s platform is built upon Intel’s high-performance i7 Core processor, which delivers fast, intelligent, multi-core technology. Working transparently in the background, NITO operates with minimal latency when inspecting and filtering unwanted traffic and does not disrupt traffic flow.

NITO reduces the propagation of unwanted data and information to lessen the burden on the networking infrastructure. Web content filtering and network security features protect both the network and its users.

“NITO’s next-generation content filtering goes beyond simple URL lists - it monitors all the content students view in real time. This threat assessment helps keep students safe and more focused in class.”
Phil Scrivano, CTO, Las Virgenes Unified School District

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NITO Documentation

Perimeter Firewall
Protect your network at the perimeter.

Bandwidth Management
Prioritize different types of network traffic.

Layer 7 Application Control
Control non-web traffic such as Skype and BitTorrent using Deep Packet Inspection.

L2TP, IPsec and SSL supported.

Link and Load Balancing
Aggregate external WAN connections.

Real-Time Content Analysis
Identify brand new web content long before URL lists.

"Who, What, When, Where" policies
Easily build filtering policies by user, category, time and location.

Social Media Controls
Use social networks productively.

BYOD Guest Filtering
Filter guest mobile devices on your Wi-Fi network.

Limit Bandwidth Use by Policy
Limit bandwidth use by user, content type, time or location.

Reporting Suite
Schedule reports on user activity and view requests in real time.

Anonymous Proxy Blocking
Prevent circumvention of your Acceptable Use Policy.

Mobile Filtering clients for Windows, OSX and iOS
Apply your filtering policies to devices on the road — in real time.

HTTPS Filtering
Filter SSL traffic, including secure anonymous proxies.

Search Term Filtering and Forced Safe-search
Protect your network from inappropriate search engine content.

NITO Datasheetinternet traffic optimizer datasheet

For your convenience Nomadix offers its product datasheets in multiple languages including Arabic, German and Spanish.

Reporting and Logging Analytics

Deploying NITO enables you to take control of web usage and secure your network, regardless of the devices used. Explore usage with NITO’s log viewer, which provides in-depth stats in real time. The reporting suite offers more than 350 templates, which can be easily shared with whoever you want, whenever you want.

Nomadix currently offers 2 NITO models:

NITO 500

  • Unlimited Users (we recommend up to 1000 for best performance)
  • Single Hard Drive

NITO 1500

  • Unlimited Users (we recommend up to 4000 for best performance)
  • Mirrored Hard Drive
  • Increased CPU power