Reliable, manageable, affordable

Nomadix delivers the most reliable, flexible and easy-to-deploy network appliances to create and manage a visitor-based network (VBN) or high-speed internet access (HSIA) network. You can rely on us for…

Easy VBN

Effortless creation of a visitor-based network (VBN)

Access management

Easy guest on-boarding access management

Effective bandwidth management

Control and allocation to maximize use of bandwidth you are paying for

Streamlined experience

A streamlined experience for different applications with our deep packet inspection (DPI) technology

Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment capabilities adaptable to your guests' user experience needs


Scalability to accommodate small- to large-size networks (from coffee shops to resorts to convention centers)

Products at a Glance

AG 2500

Bandwidth Management and Access Gateway AG 2500 image

AG 5900

Bandwidth Management and Access Gateway AG 5900 image


Alloc8–X Application & Bandwidth Management Appliance image

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Access gateways

Stacked Access Gateway AG 2500 AG 5900 image

Nomadix's access gateways are based on our proven, reliable Nomadix Service Engine (NSE). Our NSE is designed to be a dependable, scalable solution to ensure your guests enjoy the internet experience they deserve.

Access Gateway AG 2500 - Learn more

Access Gateway AG 5900 - Learn more

NSE - Nomadix Service Engine


Recognized as the most reliable access gateway on the market today

Fastest gateway, largest volume

Support millions of devices and exploit your total bandwidth throughput.

Multiple authentication methods built in

RADIUS and self-provisioning through a property management system (PMS), or credit card charging.

Nomadix Access Gateway NSE Software screen shot image
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Device scalability built in

Supporting from 100 up to 8,000 simultaneous devices on our access gateways. Throughput capabilities currently up to 3 Gbps.

Unlimited, versatile and simple bandwidth control

Per device, grouping of devices, priority-based, and weighted fair queuing.

Nomadix's access gateway family is made of two platforms that are based on the NSE. The AG 2500 is ideal for value-driven, visitor-based network (VBN) venues. It offers support for copper WAN/LAN ports for small- to medium-size venues — such as hotels with less than 150 rooms — and supports up to 500 device users. The AG 5900 is our highest-performance bandwidth management gateway, with support for copper and fiber WAN/LAN ports ideal for hotels, convention centers, stadiums and airports.

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Application Management Appliance - Alloc8

Alloc8–X Application & Bandwidth Management Appliance image

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The Alloc8‑X Series’ deep packet inspection (DPI) technology combines real-time monitoring, analytics, reporting and an intelligent recommendation engine to provide network operators with the visibility to pinpoint the sources of congestion and delays. By shifting the paradigm from capacity management to demand management, the Alloc8‑X enables network operators to:

woman using phone connected to wi-fi image

Auto-generate easy-to-read reports communicating network status and usage to both internal and external customers.

Improve end-user experiences by controlling traffic by application.

Provide conference/convention customers with detailed reports on usage.

Manage P2P bandwidth hogs and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) violations.

More efficiently use the bandwidth customers are paying for over a longer period of time.

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How to buy

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Case Studies

Learn more about Nomadix's role in deployment of worldwide high-speed internet access & visitor-based network solutions

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