Access Gateways and Application Management Appliances

From cafes to universities, airports to hotels, Nomadix has the perfect solution for the implementation and control of your guest Internet access with our range of reliable, manageable and affordable products, including Access Gateways and Application Management Appliances.

Our product focus, continuous innovation and strong adherence to high-level testing practices have allowed us to facilitate more than 5 million connections daily around the world.

Internet Bandwidth Management

Nomadix products enable you to better manage and control bandwidth. Nomadix Access Gateways provide the on-ramp to service visitors, while our Application Management Appliances provide the means to control application bandwidth by allowing IT managers to review traffic patterns and content usage for intelligent management and allocation. The combination of the two appliances ensures fair and fast bandwidth for public access to keep Internet traffic flowing, stretch the value of their investments farther resulting in an improved user experience.

Moving Your Industry Forward

Providing their customers with Nomadix’s superior guest Wi-Fi, Hotspot and public Internet access, our clients represent a wide range of business gateway use:

Hospitality & Real Estate: hotels, hotel chains, resorts, meeting rooms, convention centers, motels, restaurants, cafes, campgrounds, marinas, residential areas and stadiums.

Healthcare: hospitals, medical centers, clinics, doctor’s offices, waiting rooms, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.

Travel & Transportation: airports, airplanes, buses, train stations, truck stops and gas stations.

Telecom & Municipalities: communication advanced network technology providers, government entities, city and state offices.

Education and Enterprise: elementary and high schools, universities, dorms, school districts and libraries.