With the AG 5800 reaching end of life, we are pleased to offer an upgrade path to our AG 5900 gateway.

Recognized as the most reliable gateway on the market today, the AG 5900 was designed with scalability in mind to accommodate medium- to large- sized venues – from hotels to airports to stadiums and convention centers.

The new gateway announced at HITEC in June and launching in Q1 of 2019 will now be the EG 6000, (Edge Gateway). It will have a higher throughput specifically designed for large properties and for Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) deployments. The EG 6000 will represent a new, additional product line from Nomadix, and is not a replacement for the AG series of gateways. With multiple fiber ports and a throughput capability of up to 6Gbps, the EG 6000 will be delivered at a price commensurate with its specifications and will be a great value for all it will deliver.

Benefits of Upgrading to the AG 5900

AG 5800


1.8Gbps throughput

Ethernet only

4000 device count maximum

After EOL December 31, 2018:

Best effort Technical Support

No advanced hardware replacement

No software upgrades, module upgrades, new features or bug fixes

AG 5900


3.2Gbps throughput

Ethernet and Fiber

8000 device count maximum

Premium Technical Support

Advanced hardware replacement

Software upgrades, module upgrades, new features and bug fixes

No End Of Sale date or End Of Life date scheduled