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When people travel, they’ll most likely connect to Wi-Fi at several different locations, each place with its own network configurations. When guests retain a billing relationship with their home service provider, they’ll only need to worry about one bill—no matter how many locations in which they wirelessly access the Internet.

Users can access the Internet through broadband or wireless connections regardless of their device configurations. With Nomadix’s plug-and-play technology, all they have to do is pass the necessary parameters for billing and authentication.

Nomadix-enabled networks facilitate true mobility by creating high-speed Internet access (HSIA) HotZones, which can cover residents, business and government organizations citywide. For example, ad-hoc HotZones can be used for conventions, festivals and emergencies. Access on public transportation can be continuously updated and monitored wirelessly. City employees can use network access to increase productivity while working in the field. By monitoring municipal services in real time via citywide surveillance systems, security and response time will improve.

Local governments can also leverage the same HotZone network, as well as automated muni-services, to generate additional sources of revenue—without incurring additional expenses.

Key Features for Telecommunications

  • IP Plug and Play internet solutions for Telecoms buttonSeamless Internet-Connectivity IP Plug and Play (DAT)

    Nomadix’s patented Dynamic Address Translation (DAT) technology offers a true plug-and-play solution that provides transparent broadband network connectivity covering a variety of PC configurations (static IP, DHCP, domain name server [DNS] and proxies), to ensure all users get Internet access without changing settings within their browsers or devices.

    With DAT, users have an available DNS redirection functionality, which sends users to local servers closer to their locations. This improves response time and enables plug-and-play access when a subscriber’s DNS server is behind a firewall or on a private intranet.

    Intelligent VPN Client internet solutions for Telecoms buttonIntelligent VPN Client Connectivity - INAT

    VPN tunneling (PPTP, IPSec) is currently the only safe method for transmitting data across a public access network. A single termination server may refuse connection attempts from multiple address-translated users. This means an established tunnel from an address-translated user may suddenly terminate to accept a connection from a second user using the same source IP address.

    INAT solves this problem by cycling through a pool of addresses when translating tunnel connections that have the same endpoint.

    Multiple-Mode Authentication internet solutions for Telecoms buttonMultiple-Mode Authentication (UAM/802.1x/Smart Clients/Radius)

    In addition to supporting the secure browser-based Universal Access Method (UAM) via an SSL-established link, Nomadix products simultaneously support port-based authentication using IEEE 802.1x, as well as smart-client solutions by Boingo Wireless, iPass and others. This feature provides maximum end-user and operator flexibility by supporting any type of client—and any type of business relationship on the back end.

    Device Authentication internet solutions for Telecoms buttonDevice Authentication (MAC based)

    Devices that do not support a browser (PSP, VoIP phones, etc.) can still be authenticated based on the device’s MAC address. This unique method automatically authenticates the MAC address against a RADIUS server while simultaneously supporting other subscriber types via UAM or IEEE 802.1x.

    Flexible Billing internet solutions for Telecoms buttonFlexible Billing Methods to Generate Revenues (PMS/Radius/Vouchers/XML)

    A Nomadix-enabled network can automatically authenticate, authorize, track and bill users for access based on MAC address, username/password, and/or port identification number. Customizable billing models include the use of credit cards, scratch cards or monthly subscriptions via the Nomadix Service Engine (NSE), and are charged by time, volume or bandwidth used.

    The integrated RADIUS client can pinpoint the number and location of connections, bytes sent and received, connect time, etc. for activity logging and tracking. It can also handle vendor-specific attributes (VSAs), such as more advanced services, required by WISPs.

    Nomadix’s NSE provides a secure XML application programmer’s interface (API), allowing the access gateway to accept and process XML commands from an external source secured via an SSL for the encoded query string. This enables solution providers or integrators to customize and enhance the installations with value-added capabilities and services.

    Fair Bandwidth Usage internet solutions for Telecoms buttonFair Bandwidth Usage per User to Enhance Internet-Access Experience

    The bandwidth management feature can place a bandwidth usage limit on a per-device basis, ensuring a fair, quality experience for each user. The service provider can allow individual users to dynamically increase or decrease their bandwidth usage without having to disconnect or reestablish a new connection. The NSE can also manage wide area network (WAN) traffic for complete control of overall bandwidth utilization.

    Location-Based Services internet solutions for Telecoms buttonLocation-Based Information Services (Portal Page/Post Authentication URL/XML)

    By using VLANs or port mapping with simple network-management protocol (SNMP), the NSE can determine the location of a device to personalize service and perform security or billing functions depending on the network architecture and vendor.

    White-Box Solution internet solutions for Telecoms buttonWhite-Box Solution - Service Branding

    The NSE allows the service provider/venue owner the unique ability to implement branding messaging during five stages of HSIA usage:
    1. Flash Branding Welcome
    2. Service Acquisition
    3. Login
    4. Personalized Content
    5. Post-Session ‘Thank you and Goodbye’

    Hotspot Wholesale internet solutions for Telecoms buttonBusiness Model: Hotspot Wholesale/Radius Proxy/Realm Based Routing

    Network Access Information (NAI) routing capabilities enable multiple service providers to access a HotSpot location (the Wi-Fi wholesale model), allowing each user to solely interact with their chosen provider in a seamless, transparent manner.

    Auto Configuration internet solutions for Telecoms buttonAuto Configuration (Centralized Configuration Management)

    Nomadix’s unique RADIUS-driven auto-configuration functionality utilizes the mobile operator’s existing infrastructure to provide an effortless and rapid methodology to remotely and cost-effectively configure devices for a network rollout from the network operations center. Once configured, this methodology can also be effectively used to centrally manage configuration profiles for all Nomadix devices in a public access network.

    Subscriber Tracking Log internet solutions for Telecoms buttonSecurity Compliance: Subscriber Tracking Log

    The NSE tracking logs can be used to monitor all port assignments for public-network users in the case of external site attacking, hacking or illegal use. The HSIA provider can trace users by:

    • Time Stamp
    • Source IP
    • Source Port
    • Destination IP
    • Destination Port
    • Translated IP
    • Translated Port
    • Translated Destination IP
    • Translated Destination Port
    • User Details
    • MAC Address
    • Local IP Assigned
    • Subnet
    • User Type (RADIUS, PMS, credit card, XML, admin-added etc)
    • Username (if available)

    Reliability internet solutions for Telecoms buttonReliability

    The Nomadix access gateway uses our own trusted patented software and functionality instead of open-source patches from third- or fourth-party entities. This means reliability is built in from the start, utilizing a real-time OS to allow for direct development of the gateway by Nomadix.

    Walled Garden internet solutions for Telecoms buttonWalled Garden

    With the support of a walled garden, the NSE allows providers to utilize promotional opportunities by redirecting unauthenticated users to predetermined sites via landing page links. The NSE adds an additional layer of security for the network by blocking public access until a user is authenticated.