Great core features, bandwidth throttling

One of the big pluses that Nomadix has brought to the table and some of the core features that it has … it's not just a router and not just a gateway so that it can help service the guests and it's always done bandwidth throttling and enabled us to do that…

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— Todd Shobert
Chief Operating Officer, SafetyNet Access

Guest satisfaction

Ultimately what we found is on the gateway side that the best scores go with Nomadix gateways. The bottom line is our guest satisfaction scores are best when we use Nomadix, and to us that's the number one most important thing we look for.

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— Brian Epstein
CEO, Deep Blue Communications

Stable, reliable, secure

Nomadix has a great product - it's stable, it's reliable, it's secure. We never hear any bad news, bad press about Nomadix from a security perspective. I think that's important because there's a trust factor out there. The GMs out there are not really security experts but they want to avoid those products that can actually cause those situations. The Nomadix product also has a great networking toolkit, some very strong APIs, and one of my personal favorites it has a very strong set of PMS interfaces, which is really critical in this business.

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— Jean Pascal Hebert
Director of Emerging Markets and Channels

Nomadix Bandwidth Management Access Gateways & Application Management Appliances

Superior sales support

With Nomadix and its world-wide network of leading distributors, resellers, and managed service providers, public internet network providers are able to deploy cost-effective, secure and easy-to-use network services. We take our global reputation for unparalleled reliability and ease of management seriously by pairing our dependable, robust products with responsive and dedicated sales support.

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